Campsite Cooking, a Fun Weekend Leisure Activity – Book Review and Outdoor Adventure


With the sweltering heat of the sun and the occasional smog we are experiencing in the city, have you considered getting a break by camping and enjoying the nature outside the city? Perhaps at a nearby waterfall? But wait, what to eat-ah?, the book as below will be certainly of great help for recipe ideas suitable for campsite cooking and dining out in the wild.


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The Camping Cookbook (2009): This book is packed full of quick and easy recipes for outdoor eating. With step-by-step instructions, delicious photographs, as well as essential camping advice, this handy book is a must have for every camper.

The objective of this article is to assess the areas covered in the book to see whether is worth getting a copy.

The main attraction of this book is the “recommended 50+ recipes” that ranges from breakfast, main meal to dessert – porridge, quesadillas, noodle soup, Irish stew, burger, meatball, the ‘a must’ s’more recipe and many more.

The book started by saying that it does not require a lot of cash to eat like a king while camping so long as one is properly equipped with essential food – ready cooked sauces, food storage (canned or dehydrated) products and a few fresh ingredients.

It provided a list of essential kitchen utensils suitable for the campsite cooking & dining; a check list recommending other important items such as first aid kit, bin bags, matches, and etc; and various cooking methods via gas, barbecue or campfire.

Other camping related topics are such as tent pitching hints & tips and highlights on how to handle the situation in an unexpected weather condition. Last but not least, the book ends with a very sound advice that is to be a RESPONSIBLE camper – clear your mess before your exit, be considerate of others while using the public facility, and etc.

What do you think? Is it worth getting this book?

I will end this article with some pointers for first timers
– going with someone of camping experiences is a must;
– to the first timer city gals who are not used to dirt, insect bites, and etc, if you really wish to tag along, quit being a whiner because it will affect the mood & experience of the entire group.
– view it as part and parcel of learning, experiencing the nature and most importantly having a wild & fun catching up session with your friends, family or relatives.

Now don’t rush into camping as yet; do a proper planning and equip yourself with more practical knowledge before embarking this activity. Try exploring this aspect of fun, urbanites, as you never know it could have a better calming effect on your soul than what shopping malls can offer you. 🙂


Foreword by Stefan Gates, “The Camping Cookbook” (United Kingdom: Parragon Books Ltd, 2009)

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