Dining Stop @ Train Station


Train Station is the name of the restaurant located at the newly opened Ativo Plaza at Bandar Sri Damansara. The name of the restaurant probably sparks curiosity but the restaurant decor itself is in no way related to locomotives.

Dining Stop @ Train Station

One might expect to see a caboose or a part of a caboose within the restaurant but this is not the case, it’s just a normal restaurant with a more village style setting.

The Butter Prawn (RM 17.90) we ordered was good, the butter was not overwhelming and the prawn was fresh.

Dining Stop @ Train Station

Nothing unusual here, I’m just glad they didn’t screw up the Butter Prawn dish as some restaurants have it very oily while I’ve encountered some with sugar overload.

Next is the Salted Egg Crab (RM 43), which I think was badly done. It felt more like crab covered with off-the-shelf KFC spice and left to deep fry.

Dining Stop @ Train Station

To put it bluntly, the crab was a horrible excuse for a “Salted Egg Crab” as the taste of salted egg was shadowed by the chunks of unknown spice like powder. The meat on the crab lacks the moisture and tenderness that it ought to have.

The Ginger Onion Beef (RM 14.90) on the other hand was tasty, properly cooked and sliced to easy to eat bite size. The meat was tender and the vegetable was fresh.

Dining Stop @ Train Station

Lastly the Two Styles Kailan (RM 8.90) – on the serve is what seems to be 2 styles of chopped brocolli (FYI : Kai-lan is Chinese brocolli) and I really like fried crispy variation.

Dining Stop @ Train Station

Overall, we’re pleased with the experience at this dining place though the crab was a disappointment.

For our next trip, we’ll be trying their Steamboat. 😀

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