El Paso Chicken @ Texas Chicken Malaysia


Changes are good but does the El Paso Chicken also El Passes-o our teso(taste)-buds?


The presentation of course is nothing much of a fan fare, a chicken of different texture that’s served on the same cardboard tray.


Unlike the usual chicken that’s fried in flour, the El Paso chicken is prepared differently. Nothing beats the flavor of a well-cooked chicken, the El Paso chicken stands out with the tangy flavor of which I would describe it as a chicken marinated with BBQ sauce.

Size wise (for the chicken) it’s much smaller than a 2-piece chicken set, it comes with honey-butter biscuit and drinks but you’ll have to add on for the coleslaw.

Thumbs up to Texas for the El Paso Chicken!

*Oh by the way – El Paso is a city in Texas, USA.

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