Going Fusion at Pasta Zanmai


Alas, the popularity of this franchise got the best of us and we decided to see for ourselves why is there such a crowd at Pasta Zanmai outlets.

We started our journey of discovery with the Salmon No Creamy Sauce Pasta (RM 26), cream sauce pasta with salmon, mushroom, cod roe in a bowl.

The fusion of creamy sauce, fresh salmon slices and pasta were certainly a delight to the senses, pretty much like beholding the charm of a beautiful Italian + Japanese mixed lady. Ok so maybe that description didn’t come off right but you get the picture. đŸ˜›

Up next is the Seafood Macaroni Gratin (RM 18) – this yellow piece of goo served in a bowl doesn’t look appetizing at first but make no mistake, it’s so creamy it nearly became the definition of “creamy” itself as each scoop from the bowl is just ……. CREAMY, with a satisfying amount of cheese, seafood and vegetable.

Is it highly recommended? Of course it is.

We also gave a MINI-dish set a try, the RM 25 set is a combo of Mini Ebi Tempura Gomadare Pasta and Mini Grilled Chicken Pizza.

Below is the Mini Ebi Tempura Gomadare Pasta of which the picture speaks for itself, most certainly not a memorable dish.

Unlike the above, the Mini Grilled Chicken Pizza is absolutely delicious – yet another beauty of mix heritage.

What I like about it is how they made it sort of like a pizza but with slices of chicken, a shower of seaweed on top and there’s an egg hidden right smack in the middle of which the yolk is in tact, and bursting the yolk just adds to the overall experience.

And lastly, the soft-shell crab at RM 23, which I think is one of the better tasting soft-shell crab around.

The food is great and I’m sure I’ll be paying them a visit again (of which I did but they were closing) but I am still unable to fathom why people would queue up just to dine at Pasta Zanmai outlets.

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