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Who is into fishing in this era? It’s no surprise to hear such comments from the generation of urbanites. Well, it’s still happening among the fishing hobbyists of our community. It’s not only for sports, an achievement thing but also for the enjoyment and appreciations of the beautiful nature.

No lesson of such topic have I come by in my past years of schooling. Our education system teaches us the importance of eating seafood but teaches us not how it is acquired, where to locate them and how to maintain the resources for a continuous sustainability.

Such seemingly unimportant aspect of learning to acquire our food has been taken out from the syllabus. It’s so sad to see that the exposure of such important life skill to the younger generation has been neglected and in a sorely state, while those from the urban areas are groomed to be totally reliance on the city’s food delivery system or facility. For this reason, this article comes into being.

The magazine is definitely a volume of fishy stories. Yes, it’s an educational magazine in English language catering to the fishing hobbyist in Malaysia, a publication from Nanyang Press Holdings and sold at the price of RM16.00 per copy (West Malaysia) & RM17.00 per copy (East Malaysia). It comes with a nearly 100 pages of content and a CD.


The magazine served as a good exposure for those keen to pick up a fishing rod and who are willing to venture out in the open for a fishy adventure. Many say the hobby is a true test of patience and requires effective tactics to have a good catch. Let’s view the content structure of this February 2014 edition magazine to size the content in order to know whether it is worth the buy.

The magazine’s content is comprised of many sections.

Fishing Courses & Events Calendar

It is has a column for fishing courses, suitable for those who wish to get their feet wet or who are still new in this hobby. There is information on upcoming fishing events for 2014 and contact details of the organizers – one of the event is the Sabah International Fishing Tournament 2014 to be held on 3-6 April, and more.

Fishing Experiences & Hot Spot

Sharing from the enthusiast of the community about their fishing experiences at locations both locally and abroad will surely shed some light on the challenges and reassuring the newcomers as to how the hobby is – the adventures for Kelong fishing at Kelong Ah-Fatt off Penyabong, Pahang; garoupa hunt at Setiawan, Golden Mahseer hunt at Bardia National Park, Nepal.

There are also information on fishing hot spot made available to the public for weekend outings – prawn fishing, monsoon kelong fishing and Kedah tenggiri fishing, and etc.

Educational Guides – Techniques & DIY

Guides and techniques are included, for example the fishing jigging technique known as the slow pitch jigging and techniques comparison.

More: Fishing World: Fast or Slow?

It also covers areas related to how-to and do-it-yourself (DIY) fishing accessories. One of the DIY story is written by a certified fly-casting instructor, Pak Amin who guides readers via a pictorial step-by-step in the making of his original design of a fly-tying, also known as Amin’s Foam Madame X. For those who are curious to know what is madam X, click here to view. Another DIY method shown is making your own multi-piece rod disassembler, a ‘rod gripper’ to separate the rod without damaging the fishing rod.

Fishing Activities & Information on Gears and Products

The magazine also highlight the recent fishing events where you see photo images of participants from a carnival fair, to the charity challenges with the biggest or heaviest fish captured by those who treat the hobby as sports, an achievement thing.

Hence be poisoned by the fishing gears and products information/advertisements, for example the Okuma Komodo KDR-364 low profile reel – a heavy duty Japanese ABEC-5 spool bearings with a dual anti-reverse system for maximum reliability in an ALC Rigid die cast aluminum frame and handle side plate reinforced by a corrosion-resistant coating (CRC) process, and the list goes on.

Tide Table for Fishing in Malaysia & IGFA World Record

A list of tide table and notification from the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record can be found in the magazine too.

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Fishing Trips, Practical Guides and Tips

The video below is a sample of the content in the CD.

So what do you think of the magazine, did it spark your interest? Weekend is here, visit the book store near you to find out more about the magazine.


Rod & Line – Malaysia’s First Angling Magazine, Issue No. 218, February 2014

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