When Paradise is No Longer a Paradise for the Indigenous People (Bumiputera) of West Malaysia – Trending Food Issues


What would you do if your daily sustenance and entire livelihood in which you utterly dependent on, that is the ecosystem of the nature has been rob from you? In pursuit of a basic living, will you fight for it or just walk away? What will you do for yourself and for your family?

These are difficult questions to answer and let alone to be understood by many, unless you are in their shoes. Here is a video (published on 16 January 2014) to showcase the sad state of this group of indigenous community in Kelantan.

The matter worsen as despite much complaints filed to the police against the company who is destroying their natural livelihood, nothing can be done as the approval of the company’s operation was granted by the government. The water pollution hit hard at the way of living in this area of their settlement.

It is obvious that they are needy people, but is there anyone who is willing to help fight this case on their behalf in the court of law, when they are up against a company backed by the government?

Below is video (published on 15 February 2013) that will help us, urbanites to understand these people, their way of life in the deep forest of our land and the issues that they are facing till today.

The indigenous people are also the bumiputera of this land though they are not of the Malay race, but why are they been treated in a displeasing manner? Are they not part of the society of Malaysia? Or have we forgotten about them just because we have a different mindset and way of life by comparison?

Below is a video (published on 11 May 2012) that show us the importance of the land entitlement for them.

Perhaps the lack of awareness of their existence is behind our indifference attitude towards them. For this reason this article was written as I realized that we know little to none about them, their existence, the way of life and their contribution to the country.

Never have we had any school syllabus that will educate us, the public about these people. What happen to our education system? Why are they been forgotten?

Last but not least, the video (published on 2 July 2010) is a glimpse of the individual livelihood of this community in today’s era.

Just because they are ignorant or “uneducated” in today’s terminology, they do not deserve such treatment as they are also part of us, Malaysians living in this land we called Malaysia. In silence, they are suffering; how much longer can they bear the fate due to the injustice inflicted upon them?

Witnessing the ugliness of the system, is this just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the plight of the indigenous communities in Malaysia? We have covered about the indigenous communities of East Malaysia before, are they experiencing a similar situation too? Why is there a black out of information in the main stream media about these communities when the public needs to be aware of such atrocity going on within our backyard?

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