Rainwater Harvesting – Survival Tips #3

As the provision of water from the city sources runs low, the connecting taps begin to run dry while the water tanks thirst for more. The clock is ticking, something has to be done to ensure the situation is not left idle or out of hand. Digging in for an

Food for Brain Health – Book Review

Our grey matter really matters! The book entitled ‘Brain Food’ as below has the answer – it’s a quick guide to food that will improve brain power through simple steps and recipes for better IQ, memory and concentration. Image from http://jewelpie.com/

Storing Water for Emergency – Survival Tips #2

It’s been weeks since the dry season started and we’re undergoing water rationing. With the commencement of the rationing exercise, ever pondered on how vulnerable we’ve become in relying on the water system of the city without proper back up plan? How do people in other country handle water shortage