Char Koay Teow (CKT) at Lorong Seratus Tahun


One of the better tasting CKT’s in Klang Valley happen to be at Lorong Seratus Tahun, it’s not great but it’s good enough to satisfy the cravings.

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge fan of CKT above all other carbohydrate-laden stir-fried (and non-stir fried) goodies.

The LST outlet I had my CKT fix was at Publika’s EAT Food Village at Level UG.

They have outlets at SS2, USJ Taipan and The Scott Garden (Jln Kelang Lama) as well. From what I gathered, LST is most famous for their curry mee (noodle), followed then by CKT and Chee Cheong Fun, ironically it looks like a legit name for a Chinese.

OK now back to topic, the CKT cost RM 9.90 and there’s no option for choice of eggs like say duck egg or chicken egg. For those fancy options, you’ll get them at Frankie’s at Restauran 8888 or Hu Tong Lot 10.

The dish is ordered and fried on the spot, the prawns are fresh and the overall frying was pretty good. No sticky CKT and I ordered it without bean sprouts to savor the taste of the dish itself.

If you so happen to be at places like Publika and need to kill time (eg waiting for Passport renewal) then this might just be the place for you ……… but of course Publika itself is a food haven with many other restaurants around. 😛


  1. I have the similar trtnmeeat of bad service over this Kin Kin. Times and times they forgot the order and when u go to the boss n ask him to check the order, he’ll shout at u: dun u see we r busy? just sit back n yr order will be served when reach yr turn. Damn! y my turn is so late when ppl came after me have their food serve earlier? i wanna boycott this Kin Kin long long time but my gf she n her whole family just love to go there. dunno y the pan mee is just so so only. i had better ma-lat pan mee before. until 2 mths ago when they forgot my order again (this is the 3rd time they forgot my orders), i was so angry that i curse them loud loud when i exit the restaurant. my gf in order to pacify me, agree to not going there anymore. \\(^_^)//

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