Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking – App Review


I was looking for an app to review and the name ‘Gordon Ramsay’ caught my attention, and it’s pretty neat an app too.


The interface itself isn’t well polished but it isn’t bad either, friendly enough for anyone to navigate around.


Food are categorized and recipes are detailed.



My only gripe was that they made the Ingredients and Method sections collapsible in a bad way. Once you open the Methods section, the Ingredients section closes itself. I prefer it such that the user has option to decide what to collapse and when to do so.

The app also allows you to make reservations at his restaurants.


Click on the movie reel button and there’s a list of videos to view, and it good resolution too! I don’t know where they stream it from but it’s really neat.


You may download this app on Google’s Play Store.

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