Rainwater Harvesting – Survival Tips #3


As the provision of water from the city sources runs low, the connecting taps begin to run dry while the water tanks thirst for more. The clock is ticking, something has to be done to ensure the situation is not left idle or out of hand. Digging in for an answer to find a solution, I knew I have to.

Here’s an alternate solution – rainwater harvesting. Remember to put on a thinking cap while watching these videos as modifications may be required in some application due to many factors, but the gist is to try understanding the concept. The video below will explains the concept and its benefits.

How to set up the system?

Below are the various methods of harvesting rainwater.

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I will end with a little note shown in the video below.

It’s a pity for man to realize the true value of things only when hardship strikes, don’t you agree?

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