Value Meal Chicken Rice at Jalan Ipoh


What if I told you that you could have a complete Chicken Rice meal for RM 6?

There is one such stall at 3.5 mile Jalan Ipoh.


The shop seems to be without name but since it’s next near a police quarters, I am inclined to name it Balai Polis Chicken Rice.

To shop opens at 9am daily, except for Sundays, and is often sold out really quickly. Reaching there after 1pm might not be a good idea.

Here’s what I got for RM 6 – roasted chicken drumstick, rice, chicken soup and an iced Chinese tea.


The portion of rice is a tad small but rest assured that no compromise was made for the quality of the rice, flavourful and oily as how it should be.

I like it that the chicken soup also comes with chicken feet, something that’s not appreciated by everyone. “Ewww chicken feet?” – phrases I love to hear as it’s a invitation for me to say “Can I have yours?” 😛

So there, if you’re in town and want something cheap then this is all good BUT you are quite likely to have to foot a little extra for petrol and time for parking space hunting, and also the parking fee.

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