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A household name from America, Julia Child was once foreign to me till an opportunity knocks at my door by accident that led me to the film Julie & Julia (2009). Though the film was as if just a brief moment with her, somehow her spirit continues to linger around in a manner unexplainable to me. After all she was a classic American icon who was said to have touched the hearts of many people as she worked her way to breathe new life into the soul of the American culinary world.

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The attribution accredited to her was her success story in introducing French cuisine to America through her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking“, revolutionizing the American cuisine through her French cooking school, and pioneered “cooking shows” – The French Chef to the food lovers in America.

Here’s an adorable moment of her with David Letterman believed to be in 1987 that I stumbled upon as I was ploughing my way into her autobiography.

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Let’s have a glance at one of her cooking show of her favourite recipe from her book, Julia’s beef bourguignon.

It’s undeniable true as she weaved her magical strokes through the culinary world, she seemed to be in the right place at the right time for her flavoursome rendition to come shining through.

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