Drink & Cocktail Recipes (8,500+ Drink Recipes Free) – App Review


Buurps is not just about noms, it’s about slurps too! Here today.


The funny thing about the app is that it’s titled “Drink & Cocktail Recipes” on screen but on Google Play it’s called “8,500+ Drink Recipes Free”

Well, whatever floats their boat – the app is truly a HUGE list of drinks. Upon loading the app, your first stop would be the FAVORITES list – drinks that are pre-“favorite” by them.


On the next tab is where you get the full list of drinks, the list is sorted alphabetically and it’s truly overwhelming. I couldn’t be bothered to count but from my scrolling – I think they weren’t joking.


All you have to do is click on the drink and you’ll be presented with the ingredients.


After that there’s the instructions, which often are all too simple. It’s so simple, they might as well just say “Mix them all”.


For ease of browsing, I recommend using the Category tab.


And for those interested to know what ingredients are used in all the recipes, they can check it out in the 2nd last tab.


The last one’s my favorite – RANDOM! All you need to do is shake your phone and it’ll randomly select a drink for you.


There doesn’t seem to be a link on how one can contribute but with the obscene amount of drinks on the list, I think you’re better off just trying them out. 😀

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