Indulging in ‘Flavours’ – Magazine Review


Picking up the ‘Flavours‘ magazine (RM 12.00 per copy) from a shelf at a book store have paved the way for me to indulge in a whole new dimension of our Malaysian heritage with a modern twist. Since we are at brink of the weekend, I shall retreat to this world for some hearty visuals and reads of our social cultural landscape where food is concerned. Yum!


The magazine is surprisingly good in tempting readers with its repertoire of a mixed diet of the modern Malaysian cultural heritage and the rest of the world. What I enjoyed the most is the story telling style, its content coverage is not only interesting but it also has a good balance of text and images, with light and easy narratives for readers.


The write ups covers the wonderfully delicious global and local dining adventures, event coverages, the stories behind cultural and religious cuisines that brings nostalgic feel to a local reader, highlights of current trending coffee culture, columns featuring local cook book writers, a little drizzle of the finer food such as wine, highlights of food related television programmes; to other simple fare such as recipes, F&B promotional offerings from restaurants, food supplies, education to crockery and more.

I shall end here with a citation from an article in the magazine; “The kitchen is a very big world, there are always new things to discover”. (Eneko Atxa of Azurmendi)[1]

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1. Suzanne Lazaroo, “Stars on 50”, Flavours, April 2014: 31. Print.

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