Seafood Lunch at Manhattan Fish Market


I had intended to check out Ikea for lunch just yesterday but it was unusually packed with people so I decided to check out what other options I have before my energy bar runs flat, and so I chanced upon this offer at Manhattan Fish Market.


Looks good! Ok la I go try try, no harm.

I must say this set is certainly worth my money. I ordered Small Grill and to my surprise, it wasn’t small at all.

What I like about this meals is that it’s balanced. House Salad (a bunch of chopped lettuce) aside, the dish here comes with a good portion of brocolli and carrots, and it’s served with sliced calamari, 2 pieces of shrimp (or prawn, if you prefer), a dory fillet that’s much smaller than their usual fish & chip, and savory garlic herb rice.


My only complaint was the french fries that I think could use some improvement, it was on the tough side but it wasn’t bad.

For those who like it spicy, MFM included spicy sauce in the package as well.

As for my choice of drink, I went with the Tropical Breeze (yellow colored) and it was very refreshing.

My bill came to a grand total of RM 26.56 (after 10% service charge and govt tax). 🙂 Quite a good deal for a balanced and fulfilling set as such.


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