Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ


My solo lunch expedition on a hot afternoon lead me to Subang Jaya’s USJ township, of which I regretfully chosen the place Strawberry Fields Cafe

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

The restaurant wasn’t empty, in fact not in this photo are quite a few occupied tables, families, friends, office co-workers and such – so it couldn’t be bad, right?

There were even highlights shown on the chalkboard that’s hung on the other side of the dining area. Neat!

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

I decided to look at the menu anyway, just in case there’s something that may strike my fancy.

Here’s what I saw in 2 of the pages of the menu – they’re enough to make even the most decisive of persons sweat a little in making their choice.

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

They probably know that their menu is very extensive, so in order to facilitate easy decision making, there’s a sheet of laminated paper that seems to be of some “value meal main course” – Lovely, I’ll take my order from there, one LS27 please! That’s grilled chicken with brown sauce, and I’ll have an orange juice with that.

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

First came the orange juice, then came this mushroom soup. I was delighted to see creamy mushroom soup served despite not stated in the menu but to my horror, this was the worst tasting mushroom soup ever known to mankind – it’s tasteless! Oh the irony of having to call something tasteless as horrible tasting. It was so bad, couldn’t even finish it! I couldn’t even believe it was tasteless that I drank probably a third of it just to make sure I wasn’t fazed by the heat of a sunny afternoon.

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

Up next is the main dish – finally! I started off with the garlic bread which tasted alright, the french fries and salad were fine too. The grilled chicken on the other hand was the second horror of the day which I didn’t expect to come by.

Strawberry Fields Cafe USJ

I expected a grilled chicken to be sufficiently moist but this chicken was so dry, it nearly made me vomit at some point. To make it worse, the brown sauce was a horrible excuse as one, it’s more like sweet & sour sauce with some mixed content to make it brown. It was a totally horrible combo of taste and during the course of the meal, I wish I was at McDonalds’ that’s just across the road.

All in all it was a “Value for money” meal gone bad.

Here’s their location on Foursquare – visit at your own risk. This place has goldfries’ “claw mark of disapproval”!! *hisssssss*


  1. The name of the place sounds quite cosy.. tot it will be decent.. until I read on further.. thanks for the heads up..

  2. i dont know.. i had a good experience there. some places, they have some good menus and some are not.

    i think strawberry is famous for their butter cream which was wht i ordered most times whenever i go there.

    but then again, its been a year since the last time i was there.

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