Tackling at the Root of the Malaysian Society – Food Issue (Part 1 of 3)


Is 2014 the year of reckoning for Malaysia? As we sow so shall we reap and after many moons of living in the ‘never mind-lah‘ attitude, ever wondered how will our future be like?

My answer to put it bluntly, WONDER NO MORE and here’s a BIG TIGHT SLAP on our faces!

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A List of Headaches!

As all hell broke loose, we are NOW starting to feel the BRUNT of the situation one way or another at variant intensity.

Water Rationing: “Authorities began rationing water to thousands of households in Malaysia’s most populous state Tuesday, February 25, as a dry spell depletes reservoirs across a country normally known for its steady tropical downpours.”Drought hit Malaysian state rations water (14 February 2014).

“The water woes occurring in Selangor over the past two months have taken their toll on food stalls and restaurant operators across the state. Now we have to spend between RM300 and RM500 a day just to purchase clean water, as well as disposable plates and cups,” he told Bernama when contacted today.” – Food sellers, restaurant owners say operations badly affected by water crisis (24 April 2014).

Water Emergency: “Two million residents in the Klang Valley and Putrajaya may face a critical supply of clean water if the hot weather persists for three more weeks.”Klang Valley folk to face critical water supply problem if hot weather persists (13 February 2014).

Inflation on the rise: “Malaysia’s inflation rate continued to rise, with the latest data showing that it rose 3.4% in January from a year ago and exceeding a Bloomberg survey of 3.3%. The index for Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Non-Food for January 2014 showed increases of 4.2% and 3.0% on-year. When compared with the previous month, the index for Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Non-Food increased by 0.8% and 0.4%.” Malaysia’s inflation continues to climb, exceeds survey (19 February 2014).

Overpopulated urban areas: The population in Klang Valley is 7.2 million (about a quarter of Malaysia’s total population). By 2020, it is expected to grow to 10 million and urbanisation is expected to reach 70 per cent.FUTURE OF KLANG VALLEY’S: Four strategies to tackle urban population boom (14 February 2014).

Political power struggles: “The politicians are fighting for power and we the people are suffering – this is the plight of the ordinary rakyat in our nation today.”Water crisis: Blame the political game (26 April 2014).

“With water rationing exercise entering its second month, a MCA leader today said the state would not have faced a water crisis if Barisan Nasional ruled the state”. – MCA: No water crisis if BN rules Selangor (12 April 2014).

Economical performance for 2014 (Q1): “The first quarter (Q1) is the beginning of the year and judging from the consumer sentiment index (CSI) and business conditions survey (BCI), though it is not good, the rest of the year will be better. If the export and import trend continues, I’m sure it will change the perception of the manufacturers.”

“If you look at the trend, I think the ringgit will depreciate further but I think BNM will not let the ringgit depreciate sharply which will put the economy at risk. Of course there will be some intervention to ensure that the economy will be competitive,” – MIER: 2014 economy to improve on last year’s performance (29 January 2014).

Are these the consequences of our ‘never mind-lah‘ attitude inculcated through the years which is affecting all levels of our society and influencing our way of livelihood in today’s era?

What went WRONG and why?

We can no longer live our lives liken as ostriches burying our heads in the sand. We as Malaysians need to band together as one to FACE UP with our problems openly, tackle it and get over it!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on. Circumstances and situations are playing out in an explicate fashion pointing out something is VERY SERIOUSLY WRONG with our country’s system spearheaded by the authorities. Are they getting irrelevant? Can the BLAME game in the politics solve the problem? Where is the accountability?

Judging by the enormity of these problems, it’s undeniably a HUGE national problem caused by years of mismanagement in many areas of this country spelling out our DOOM as to where we are right now. After umpteen years of sweeping the dirt under the carpet, today seems to have no room for more, just as the Malay saying, ‘sikit-sikit lama-lama menjadi bukit’, literally translated to ‘bit by bit, over time, it will accumulate into a mountain’. Like it or not, we are feeling the BRUNT of the situation!

As the ugliness bares itself, WHAT are we going to do about it?

The question is can we afford to sit around and wait for HELP to come? Wait for WHO? For the authorities to assist? Can money solve our problems?

Let’s look at these problems openly and dissect the problem by breaking down into digestible modules in order to make sense of our current plight.

Is our current lifestyle leading us to these problems called water scarcity and food insecurity? Here are some videos for your view and mind you, please try grasping the underlying concepts behind the said problem.

As this is a chunky subject we decided to break the discussion into 3. In our upcoming article we will be discussing on possible solutions.

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