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And really “there is no SECRET RECIPE for good cooking, but by learning some of the helpful tips and tricks in this book you will be able to prepare and cook food successfully in a well-organized kitchen. Short-cuts and alternative methods of doing ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary kitchen tasks are described, too.” [1] (Christine France)

What ‘book’?



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This book contains handy hints and tips for cooking which will give you the skills you need to perfect every dish. Learn how to make perfect dishes, no matter what the occasion with these useful hints and tips. You can now cook more efficiently with top tips on suggested shortcuts, solutions for keeping the kitchen organised and ideas on how to save time and money. Dip in and out for quick reference and inspirational tips!

Complete Kitchen Management
No-nonsense expertise on planning and producing delicious, healthy meals for your family and friends.

Packed with Bright Ideas
Special tip boxes that highlight traditional wisdom, healthy alternatives, and money- and time-saving suggestions.

The Essential Problem-Solver
Clever solutions for handling every eventuality in your kitchen, from a freezer breakdown to a curdled cream sauce.

Passing an eye over the content, the book is divided into six sections – kitchen equipment, prepared ingredients, fresh ingredients, preparing ingredients, cooking methods and entertaining.

Interestingly the book started with a *BAM* by saying, the first step to a successful kitchen is organizing it well!

“The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any household, and is often the centre of the home, where meals are not only prepared, cooked and eaten, but where family and friends often gather together.

Bear this in mind, whether you are planning a completely new kitchen or making improvements to an existing one. Start by listing your requirements, and then draw up a plan of the kitchen that would suit your needs.” [2] (Christine France)

Therefore the book entails with information about how to organize and improvise a kitchen; tips on how to choose, maintain cooking appliances and utensils for best performances in fulfilling your needs; hints on how best to handle food storage topics for a maximum lifespan of food; getting to know ideas on shopping – choosing, buying and storing fresh ingredients; showing you clearly on simple basic methods of food preparation to enhance flavours and variety; suggesting improvised cooking methods to achieve better results and preventing associated problems; and guiding you on planning and preparing food for a variety of occasions where emphasis is placed on presentation.

It’s a wonderful reference for those who are constantly in search for a better and more efficient working system of a kitchen. If you’re keen to have a copy, please visit http://www.amazon.com/.


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