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A chef of an Italian concept restaurant once said, “While our meal had its share of hits and misses, the food is straightforward and certainly do not pretend to be what it’s not. Honest food is what will be remembered.” (Chef Felice Martinelli)[1]. However when it gets a little less exciting over a period of time, changing style and exploring alternate cooking methods can bring a refreshing twist to a flavour, don’t you think so?

Here is a video exploring a variety frying style and methods for the common commodity found in the kitchen, the eggs.

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Have fun in the kitchen! 🙂

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1. Ooi May Sim, “Easy Does It”, Flavours Magazine: April 2014: 89. Print. appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others in the world of culinary. Therefore we wish to emphasize that many of the contents seen in our articles are sourced from the world wide web for the purpose of creating awareness only. Kudos to those who put so much effort to produce such wonderful contents. Thank you.

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