A Quick Tour of Dole’s Banana Production – Around the World


There are many fascinating culinary ideas and concepts from all over the world that are worth knowing. Dole’s banana is found everywhere in the supermarket but ever wondered how it’s brought right to your door step?

Image from http://www.dole.com/

The videos below share the story of its journey.

In today’s era of complexity – making a profit, making a living, commercial food farming and urban living; food goes through many stages of processes before reaching us. To prolong its freshness, some go through chemical preservation.

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Since we are what we eat and to ensure we are eating the freshest food available, do you think it’s important to know where our food come from?

If we, adults are clueless as to where food comes from and how is made, how are we to educate the next generation in attaining quality food in the mere future?

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