An Index of Wonderful Soup Recipes – Book Review


Are you running out of ideas on soup recipe while staring at an assortment of the freshly picked fruits and vegetables in the grocery store?

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Healthy options are definitely a big welcome and this book is just going to do that.

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A wonderful book containing a wide range of soup recipes, covering mostly of the Western to a few Asian flavours.

Book Description: From the unusual, sweet cherry or lettuce, mint and pea to the traditional, mulligatawny or fresh tomato, Super Soups advises on how to maximize nutrition to boost every aspect of your lifestyle.

Starting with how to make a basic stock it moves on to suggest a range of soups with ingredients that help to aid circulation, skin, moods, weight, and the immune system.

With a chapter on garnishes to help finish off your perfect soup and easy-to-use A-Z charts listing the curative powers of soups for a range of common ailments, this the ultimate guide to healthy eating.

From a simple, light snack to a filling hearty meal and a natural remedy full of goodness, Super Soups offers an enticing range of simple, tasty options.

Soup is the basic or a staple food in many cultures and was said to be the earliest recipes documented worldwide. With a systematic and simple approach to the topic, the book offers a content which is divided into 11 chapters – soup basics, immune-boosting soups, circulation soups, skin-reviving soups, sexy soups, restorative soups, slimming soups, good-mood soups, winter-warming soups, soup garnishes, and soup healing.

Prying into the chapters, we will name a few recipes of selective chapters to serve as teasers:
Soup basics – vegetable stock, fish stock, chicken stock, beef stock and ham stock.
Skin-reviving soups – iced fennel soup, carrot and almond cream, etc.
Sexy soups – mussel chowder, Thai sweet and sour soup, etc.
Slimming soups – dill and turnip soup, melon and ginger soup, etc.
Restorative soups – French onion soup, Hauser broth, etc.

Being served up by the smooth and resourceful narratives in each chapter, the recipes seem to call for adventurous choices while it is surprisingly light in preparation despite a length full of ingredients (averagely 6 to 8 types) per recipe.

It is worth getting a copy of the book if you wish to get a quick grasp on the variety of healthy yet great tasting soups.

Source: Michael Van Straten. Super Soups – Healing Soups for Mind, Body and Soul (Great Britain: Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, 2002)

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A side bar: Since having the right knowledge is empowering, do you think it is a good idea to incorporate such concepts into our education syllabus?

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