Burger Patties from Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG)


I’m a huge fan of burgers but as cost of living increases year after year, good old DIY home-made burgers could save me quite a fair bit if I know how to get it right.

In my quest for burger patties, Ben’s Independent Grocer’s Barn Butchery corner seems to carry some patties that could fit the bill.

Burger Patty from Ben's Independent Grocer (BIG)

I tried out both beef and lamb patties and it seems like lamb patty is the better one.

Burger Patty from Ben's Independent Grocer (BIG)

With a little skill on the grill, one could make pretty awesome tasting burgers with these patties. 😀 No, I didn’t try chicken patties as I’m not inclined to make chicken burgers.

Burger Patty from Ben's Independent Grocer (BIG)

I highly recommend their lamb patties but not the beef patties, simply because I don’t like the marinate that seems to overwhelm the smell of beef. Oh and I got the burger buns from BIG as well.

You’ll probably see more of my “patty” reviews from time to time, do you have any good ones to recommend? I’d love to try them.

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