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If you’re unfamiliar with the various parts of beef cuts and how to cook them, this article may come in handy for you.

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Surely you’ve heard the name, New York steak or filet mignon but do you know which part of the cut are these?

The rationale:

“Understanding the cuts of beef is very important because different cuts of beef requires different ways of cooking. Certain parts of beef are more tender and only require quick cooking methods whereas some are tougher and require long and slow cooking methods.”

The videos below explain all from choosing to cooking (pan searing and barbecue grilling methods).

A recap of the video above: How to choose a perfect steak?
1. Choose a steak that hasn’t been frozen for increased juices and flavour.
2. A ‘well-marbled’ steak will have white flecks that enhance taste and quality.
* The rib-eye steak is generally heavily marbled, and about 1 inch thick. It is very tender, and should be cooked on an open flame.
* A top sirloin steak is very lean and dense and consists an intense steak flavour. The sirloin is a popular choice due to its rich taste and healthy lean cut.
* The fillet is noted for being very tender, having a buttery texture and rich taste.
* The porterhouse is the biggest of all steaks and can often serve two people. The steak combines a fillet with a New York strip connected by bone.

A recap of the video above: How to grill the perfect steak?
1. Choose your meat.
– Look for good fat content.
– Look for good marbling.
– Look for light rosy meat.
* Fattier = Rib Steak
* Leaner = Sirloin

2. Work in spices.
– Use salt and pepper for seasoning.
– Let the steak absorb the salt.
– Use freshly cracked pepper.

3. Grilling the steak.
– Make sure your coals are hot.
– Thickest cut first.
– Ready to flip when steak starts to sweat.
– Touch the base of your thumb
* Index = rare
* Pinky = well done
– Give it time to rest, otherwise you could lose all the juices.

Home Cooking

A recap of the video above: Five rules to a perfect steak.
1. Know your steak – thickness and bone configuration.
2. Good seasoning – salt and pepper as the base.
3. Give a good sear.
4. Determine the degree of doneness.
5. Let the steak rest.

A recap of the video above: How to grill steaks.
1. Pick your steak.
2. Prep steak.
3. Prep grill.
4. Sear steak.
5. Finish on medium-low.

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