Healthy Recipes – App Review


Google’s Play Store is filled with many apps, many of them are nonsensical and some of them are downright horrible. For example, one of the app I downloaded was so full of ads that it was ridiculous to use.

Of course I still needed an app to write about, and so I cam across this one and I must say that I’m truly impressed the quality of the app. In right at the introduction screen, one can’t help but felt how finely crafted this app is.


The app then continues by starting the user experience with a tutorial, and I must say it’s one that’s very well done. I like my meat medium well but for apps I prefer them to be well-done, just like chicken. 😀


Interestingly though, the language selection came after the tutorial. 😛 I think it’s better to have language selection appear before anything else, no?


Now the app itself showcases many category of healthy recipe and what I’m most impressed about the app is the choice of photo for each category and each recipe.




After going through the main category and selecting your choice of recipe, you’ll be presented details for ingredients and instructions for preparation.


The words are big, clear and very well stylized for reading comfort. You would’ve noticed by now that the app also comes with ads at the bottom but they’re not obtrusive in nature.


Even the menus on the side are neatly done, with white text over dark background and also pretty looking icons for each link.


It’s a great app, as you can see from the tone of this article – I LOVE IT! The only thing they should consider including into the app is the estimated nutritional value, after all HEALTH conscious people would want to know what they are (or not) getting. 😀

You may download this app at Google Play.

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