Meals on Flight with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)


As I was browsing around to see what others had on their flight on Malaysia Airlines, I stumbled upon this site called Airline Meals and I must say I’m very impressed by the database.


Before you start browsing the site, I would like to share what I had on my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, and also from the return flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.

*Thought : It should be Sepang instead of Kuala Lumpur as KLIA is very far from Kuala Lumpur. 😛

Anyway on my flight to Bangkok, I had turkey sandwich. I would rate it horrible as the bread was tough, so tough that you could use it as a weapon. The contents of the sandwich was alright but the bread spoils everything.


On my flight back from Bangkok, I had chicken sandwich and it was delicious. I wish I could have another, and what’s more amazing is how the quality could vary so greatly.


😀 It was a short flight so one shouldn’t be expecting something elaborate, do check out what others had on flights by Malaysia Airlines.

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