MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle


This instant noodle was the talk of the town for months, some said that it’s the best of packet noodles while others think it’s lousy. The reviews and opinions across the social network varies in such a huge degree that it’s hard to gauge it without actually trying.

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

It’s a good thing we didn’t rush into the MyKuali frenzy when it all started, prices then were so crazy that it came to around RM 3 per packet! It’s now being sold at only RM 6.99 at Giant and Cold Storage for a 4-pack set.

The noodle packet comes with 3 ingredients – non-dairy creamer (left), seasoning powder (center) and paste (right).

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

With all that mixed to the fray, you get an aromatic noodle that’s hard to beat. I remember when I first tried it, I was blown away by the rich smell and taste that I never expect to have come from an off-the-shelf instant noodle pack.

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

Why the variance in reviews and opinion? From my observation, people who said it’s lousy are people who set the expectations very high. They probably heard that it’s as good as the original whatever Penang white curry and had the bar set before tasting, and they were disappointed.

Perhaps those who claimed it was near the original standard were inexperienced or just plain exaggerating but common sense would tell you that there’s no way a packet noodle could match any original one. What a good packet (or instant) noodle as such does is that it bridges the gap, bringing parts of the original experience closer to home.

I for one, am not a curry noodle fan so my view is just as what it is. Sure I’ve had plenty of Maggi soup noodle (you know, for those instant late night power packs that get your through your work) and a few others but never have I come across one with gravy so tasty that I felt a waste to pour them into the basin.

In fact, every of my MyKuali noodle meal is accompanied by toast bread – it’s really awesome when dipped into their curry. 😀

If you haven’t try this MyKuali noodle, you should try it soon. Decorate your bowl of noodle to your liking and who knows, serving guest with it could get you some praises you don’t deserve!

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