The Ultimate Book of Organizing Hints and Tips – Book Review


With the weekend at hand, surely some may consider a little act of spring cleaning in their homes, especially the kitchen area.

There is a book that recommends simple and effective techniques on how to go about organizing your household environment, kitchen spaces, paper work, preparation for travelling and home moving plans – The Ultimate Book of Organizing Hints and Tips by Cassandra Kent.

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Learn how to be super-organized and efficient with these handy hints and tips. Whether you want to organize your finances, your office, or your home, choose a method that works for you and apply it to every aspect of your life for guaranteed success! Packed with inspirational solutions to common problems and challenges, you can be sure that you will tackle any form of clutter successfully. Dip in and out for quick reference and inspirational tips!

The Essential Problem-Solver
Clever ways to organize your life and work.

Complete Time Management
No-nonsense expertise on everything from childcare, cooking and storage to decorating, moving house and preparing for travel.

Streamlined Lifestyle
Charts, check-lists and logs that enable you to structure complex tasks with ease.

The rationale behind effective organization is to help you streamline every area of your life, by doing so you free yourself from unnecessary stress in the mundane routines that take up your time.

The book covers a broad aspect of organization: on how to be effective in organizing to maximize the utilization of spaces; how to set up easy-to-follow routines so that other members of your home can carry them out efficiently; ideas on how best to organize, maintain a kitchen and food preparation; highlighting simple techniques for structuring work – keeping track of work, managing time effectively and meeting deadlines; practical information on every aspect of running a household from organizing personal to family life which includes advices on childcare, medical care, planning for special events and dealing with any crisis; and describing practical steps for travelling and moving of homes.

The book’s approach is simple and straight-forward. Here’s a quick glimpse of the content:
– Organizing equipment by keeping items accessible, sorting by function and cleaning equipment.
– Methods of storing fragile and dangerous household objects for safe keeping.
– Setting up a daily cleaning routine for kitchen, bathroom, beds, airing homes and pets.
– Ways to organize your bags of purchases.
– Steps in organizing cooking in bulk, using a cooker and washing utensils efficiently.
– Hints in managing shopping trips with children.
– Practical ideas pertaining to travelling: Choosing fresh food over salty food to avoid thirst is recommended, avoiding alcohol and caffeine drinks which can cause dehydration and sleep disruption.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks a little more adventure in self-development in the area of personal and family life.

Source: Cassandra Kent. The Ultimate Book of Organizing Hints and Tips (London: Dorling Kindersley Limited, 1997, 2009)

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