Value Meal at Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama


For those of you who haunt 1 Utama often, Oriental Cravings would be a familiar sight unless you haven’t being paying enough attention to your surroundings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Value Meal at Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama

The shop is located at a rather quiet corner of the new wing but you should come across it when using one of the escalators.

I was feeling a bit hungry over the late afternoon and it so happens that Oriental Cravings has this RM 7.90 promotion that’s available from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays. *Long image below

Value Meal at Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama

OK, what better way to settle my stomach’s afternoon cry for attention by trying out something I haven’t try before.

I like what Oriental Cravings did by allocating the tables towards the outset of the shop as PRIORITY seats, meant for people with babies and such. It makes perfect sense, parents with children on strollers definitely would need more space.

Value Meal at Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama

As you can see from the image above, the tables are quite close to one another. This is definitely not the place for private conversations or business meeting, even an average coffee shop has much more room between tables.

Being a Char Koay Teow fan, I ordered the CKT set that comes with a free cup of tea. Here’s the CKT.

Value Meal at Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama

Did I enjoy the CKT? No, not at all. It doesn’t carry the aroma of those delicious street fried ones, the taste is overwhelmed by the rather sweet tasting black colored sauce. If anything, it feels more like hokkien mee than a CKT. Sure, it was rich in elements such as vegetables, bean sprouts and whatever else but I feel that none of it made it any better.

Well, that’s not to say the place is bad as a whole. Anyone who’s familiar with this place can tell you how packed the crowd is. ๐Ÿ˜€ What this article tells you is – stay away from CKT, order something else and share with us what you found tasty.

As for the service, it was prompt and I didn’t wait that long to get my food served, nor my bill to arrive (though one of the workers went MIA after I asked for a bill).

Full contact details (address and numbers) are available at their website.


  1. Hi Chris I started etiang like this a few weeks ago and have been losing due to it. What I do is I eat at 7am starting with a half cup of oatmeal and some egg whites and my coffee. At 10 am I have an apple and some peanutbutter (no sodium) at 1 pm I have 3 oz of chicken or other lean meat or fish with a sweet potato. At 4pm I have chicken again and some veggies. At 7 more chicken and veggies and at 9 a wheat rice cake with a smear of peanut butter and a small protein shake. I have NOT been hungry or had any cravings since etiang this way. Sounds like alot but is actually only 1400 cals. a day. Drink LOTS of water all day too! Good luck and hope this helped!

  2. Nog mooier. Ik ben nu 2 weken bezig, ben de tweede week niets afgevallen maar was wel in staat om een uur te wandelen zonder honger of trillerig te worden terwijl ik toch al 3 uur niets had gegeten.Dit kon ik eerst echt niet. Het heeft zelfs nog meer dan een uur geduurd nadat we terug waren voordat ik mijn lunch heb gegeten.Ongelooflijk voor mij

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