Taiwan Adventures – 興葉蚵仔煎 at Taipei 101 Food Court


My gracious host decided to treat me for lunch at the food court of Taipei 101, after going around for a bit we decided to settle for 興葉蚵仔煎 as it was my first visit to Taiwan and it would be great if I get to savor something of Taiwanese in nature.

興葉蚵仔煎 at Taipei 101 Food Court

The menu was simple, I went for the 140 NT fried pork rib set with rice, soup and vegetable.

興葉蚵仔煎 at Taipei 101 Food Court

Here’s the set itself. Yummy!

興葉蚵仔煎 at Taipei 101 Food Court

Looks like it’s quite close to what was shown in the picture, other than the vegetable of course. The food tasted great, I’ve not come by any food in Malaysia that’s priced at RM 14 that comes in such quantity and quality. Love the fried pork ribs and the serving of rice was generous.

興葉蚵仔煎 at Taipei 101 Food Court

I can’t emphasize enough that here in Malaysia it looks like we’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to availability of quality food.

Anyway from what I gathered, 興葉蚵仔煎 is a franchise and you’ll be able to find their outlets in other parts of Taiwan. For those not familiar with traditional writing, the simplified form of 興葉 is 兴叶. 😀

I haven’t come by their official website yet but if I do, I’ll post it here.

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