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If you care to read on the topic of eating disorder, it’s no surprise that it’s categorized as a mental illness that is associated with unhealthy perception of self and food. People with such disorder tend to have distorted perception of body image, more often indulging in unusual eating habits to alter their appearances and unwittingly suffer serious repercussion on their being.


Briefly, there are three main eating disorders: (a) Aneroxia Nervosa – the fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, (b) Bulimia Nervosa – the act of binge eating then self induced purging or vomiting, and (c) Binge eating disorder – eating until uncomfortably full in one sitting. There are many possible causes of eating disorders which some can be genetic or triggered by other psychological issues such as social issues, family trouble, etc.

Since we have covered the topic on Anorexia Nervosa previously, we will move to the next eating disorder, called Bulimia Nervosa.

A recap from the video,
Symptom:It is characterized by an obsession with eating a large amount of food at once, often called bingeing. A binge is different than normal overeating, for example during a binge a person might consume an entire cake instead of just an extra piece. After bingeing, a bulimic (a person suffering from bulimia) feel guilty, shameful, and angry over their actions, as such they will purge the food from their systems often by self induced vomiting, excessive exercising, using diuretics, laxatives and or animus in an attempt to lose the weight from avenging session“.

Side Effect:It has a profound effect on the body where the acid from vomit can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and loss of tooth enamel into the mix other even more serious complications can result from repeat bingeing and purging such as osteoporosis, kidney damage, heart damage and even death. As with anorexia nervosa, people with bulimia may be prone to excessive worry, depression or perfectionism between extend to have an unhealthy body image but often appear a fairly normal size despite the disorder. It’s because bulimia nervosa is a psychological as well as a physical disorder and it is not curable without support“.

Once a victim is caught, the illness gradually works its way into the core system of a healthy being. The videos below shed some light of victims and their family about their encounters with bulimia eating disorder. Some are battling with the illness, while some lost to the illness.

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The coverage of such illnesses is important in order to create awareness to the public of its existence and the modus operandi. Never should one take such exposure lightly as it knows no age, colours or relationships.

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