Enjoying a Bowl of Edible Flowers Salad – Around the World & How To Ideas


Have you had edible flowers salad before?

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Edible flowers are safe for consumption. These flowers are used for regional cuisines in many parts of the world to provide taste, aroma and colours. It is best eaten when it is freshly harvested.

A recap: 10 tips on eating, harvesting and storing flowers.

#1) Identify the flower that you’re gonna be eating if you can’t identify it don’t eat it.

#2) Don’t eat any flowers that have been contaminated by pesticides and don’t eat flowers from the florist or that you found alongside the road. Grow your edible flowers organically and don’t use any pesticides even organic ones if you must use an organic pesticide make sure that it’s labeled for edible crops.

#3) Eat only the petals of most edible flowers herbs – pansies, violas, and johnny jump ups are the exception to this. Remove this stems, anthers, stamen, sepal, and pistil usually you want to remove the white base of the flower too these parts are all bitter.

#4) Test before you harvest the test of the flowers can vary from year to year based on cultural practices the weather the kind of soil and fertilizer.

#5) Harvest the flowers late in the morning after the dew has evaporated.

#6) Pick the flowers at their peak after they have opened before they start to fade. Day lilies are an exception to this they taste better before they’ve opened.

#7) Introduce flowers to your system slowly to avoid digestive upset and use small quantities of flowers one variety at a time, this is especially important if you suffer from allergies. Pollen can aggravate some allergies so try not to eat the pollen along with the flower.

#8) To prepare your petals eating rinse them gently and then let them dry on a paper towel.

#9) Store your petals in the refrigerator until you use them. It’s best to use the flowers as soon as possible. They vary in how long they keep some like orange blossoms keep only four hours after picking.

#10) Drying and hydrating your petals is great for long-term storage. Use your edible flowers as a garnish for a fun attention getting dish, another fun use for edible flowers is to candy them with sugar. These are fun and unique treats.

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Here is a video on how to prepare it.

Have fun trying but remember that not all flowers are edible and do not eat flowers that are contaminated by pesticides, flowers from the florist and those found by the road. Consume only those grown in your edible garden, those you are sure are pesticide free. Please research the flowers of choice before embarking this project.

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