Food Tips for Mama and Baby in ‘Pregnancy and Childcare’ – Book Review


There is no instruction manual laid for us on how to be good parents and in this day and era, the topic of children boils down to whether we have the time and money to afford a child as the cost of living escalates. Of course, it goes without saying we need the maturity and wisdom to handle children too as they are the society of tomorrow.

The Illustrated Book of Natural Pregnancy and Childcare (2010) is a useful guide book on conceiving, giving birth and raising a child for every parent and carer. However the focus point of this article is to let you know the book is worth the read especially in the area related to the food aspect of this process of life.

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Book Description:

The ultimate natural guide for new parents, from conception to pre-school, illustrated throughout with over 1100 stunning colour photographs and clear artworks.

The invaluable, ground breaking guide provides the ideal companion for anyone who is seeking a natural approach to conception, pregnancy and childcare. The book offers a balanced and comprehensive fund of knowledge, with an emphasis on natural therapies together with the conventional information and latest research that the modern parents needs to consider.

– The perfect blend of medical facts and natural wisdom to take you from fertility and conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth, right through to caring for your baby and growing toddler.
– Sensible, practical advice for pregnancy: telling the pregnant mother what is happening to her body and her growing baby every step of the way.
– Practical information on healthy diet, using natural therapies and massage to alleviate problems, keeping fit and mobile through exercise, and counting down to delivery.
– Sensitive advice on being a parent, from the first exciting days to the age of 5, with help on handling the responsibility of looking after a new baby and guidance on how to deal with everyday issues, childhood illnesses and first-aid situations.
– Looks at every aspect of a child’s development – physical, emotional and behavioural – and gives constructive, expert information on diet, sleep, natural therapies, developmental milestones, organic options, toilet training, early learning and the best ways to enjoy each phase.
– Up-to-the-minute research and guidance on the safe use of alternative and natural therapies as well as all the traditional medical options.


The book’s content is divided into seven sections – (1) fertility and conception, (2) your natural pregnancy, (3) natural therapies, (4) your new baby, (5) your older baby: six months to one year, (6) toddler and older children, and (7) health, safety and good food.

It covers the area of healthy eating for fertility, during the period of conception, pregnancy, and post pregnancy care for mothers. The following focus of the book is about the basic baby care, breast/bottle feeding and coping with baby colic, and the supportive role of father throughout the entire process.

At the initial stage of the baby’s growth, the book provided information on the general care; tackling issues on feeding, teething, tooth care; indicating ways to read signs of when to wean the baby, starting solid food, introducing new food and flavours; recommending healthy eating tips for babies, and ways to help your baby enjoy food.

In the next phase of growth, the book recommends healthy diet for toddlers, tips on how to make your toddler enjoy their food, and establishing good eating habits for preschooler.

The final section of the book on ‘health, safety and good food’ detailizes information on immunization and nutritional supplements for children, tips on natural first aid and medication for young children, guides on how to handle your sick baby/child, highlighting the common health problems and the natural remedy for it, bringing up issues on food allergy and the intolerance symptoms, and ideas on how to create a healthy and safe home for your child.

The book ends with a list of meal planners and recipes ideas for babies, toddlers and older children. It’s an awesome read and comes in handy for those who are in need of this knowledge. Do grab a copy at


There’s always time for everything in life and even as you have yet to earn the title of ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, it’s good to read around to explore the other parts of life. As we age, it’s amazing to realize what we know is negligible in comparison the seas of knowledge out there.

Do take things easy as life is never about competing with others but rather how well we cope with the responsibility bestowed upon us, and it’s best to take matters of life in baby steps. As the value of commitment is tested, it is found to be far more superior than emotions as feelings come and go easily.

So what do you think of the book?


Anne Charlish and Kim Davies. The Illustrated Book of Natural Pregnancy and Childcare (London: Anness Publishing Ltd, 2008, 2010).

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  1. Pregnant women have special health and nutrition needs. They are eating for two people, for themselves and for the new baby that is growing inside their womb. So they want to be sure they are eating healthy foods.v

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