Pizza Hut – Taste of Italy


I’ve not set foot into Pizza Hut for ages but seeing that they are having the “Taste of Italy” Promotion, I thought I’d give them a try.


We ordered Signature Course and the highlight of this set was the Tuscan Beef Pizza, our choice of the pizzas available. The other 2 pizza’s available were Florentine Chicken Pizza and Romano Chicken Pizza.


The pizza was pretty delicious, I like the good amount of beef that’s spread across the crusts that were sufficiently crispy.

Accompanying the set was the Garlic Cream Fettucini which I thought was rather bland, it doesn’t carry any soul of something that’s supposedly Italian.


Lastly we have the Italiano Bruschetta of which of course is just toasted bread with cheese and various items spread on top. Nothing spectacular about it.


The Signature Course is priced at RM 32.90 (before tax) which seems like quite good offer, to only be let down by the rather tasteless fettucini.

Lexiegirl: For me, the set offers low grade Italian taste and therefore it’s rather pricey. As you can see in the image, the bruschetta is pathetic and the pasta dish taste is rather bland. They are not very generous with cheese, either to cater locals who are less incline to cheesy flavoured food or just stripping down ingredients portion to make more profit.

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