Scouring for ideas in the ‘All New Kitchen Idea Book’ – Book Review and Planning for a Kitchen Facelift


There I was, sitting on the kitchen floor scouring through a stack of books with an objective – to gather ideas and thoughts for my future kitchen. “Ah, ideas, ideas, I need loads of it before making a decision.” As I was sinking deeper into the reading, I found myself flipping more pages of this book than others – All New Kitchen Idea Book (2009) by Joanne Keller Bouknight. “Alas, what a joyous moment it was when I fully grasp the bigger picture.”

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Book Description

This kitchen book has been cooked up by many hands – hundreds of them, literally. There are interior designers and architects who designed these kitchens; craftspeople who built the products in them, builders, subcontractors, middlemen; home owners and their kids; and photographers – the works.

The book contains:
– Over 350 colour photographs to ignite your imagination.
– Top design ideas from the country’s best kitchen professionals.
– Expert information about cabinetry, lighting, and counter-tops.
– Space-saving storage options.
– Money-saving, eco-friendly green innovations.


If you have no inkling on the makeup of a kitchen, we will begin with you having in mind the ‘picture of a kitchen’. Next, we will slice up this ‘picture’ that is in your mind into smaller modules for easy follow through and this is exactly the approach of the book.

The format of the content is structured into 9 smaller parts of a kitchen – (1) style and layout, (2) the kitchen island, (3) dining and work spaces, (4) cabinets, (5) open shelves and pantries, (6) counter-tops, back-splashes and sinks, (7) appliances, (8) floors, walls and ceilings, and (9) lighting and windows.

The approach of each part begins with an overview description, followed by the various types of styles available in the market, and substantiated with many colourful images to showcase the styles and designs.

The book begins with some practical tips and guides on how to embark any kitchen related renovation/facelift project and what are the decisions you are required to make in your choice of a kitchen style and design. The golden rule is that it should always be based on how you live, what you love and what you can afford. Reading through each part of the content, you will surely begin to see the entire makeup of a kitchen and the various styles available in the market.

Overall, the book’s approach is systematic and it lends a comfortable support especially to those who has little to no knowledge on the topic of kitchen and how to go about on kitchen facelift. The language is simple with some descriptive industrial jargon here-and-there. Here’s the site to get a copy.


Joanne Keller Bouknight. All New Kitchen Idea Book (Newton, CT: Tauntan Press, Inc, 2009).

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