Taiwan Adventures – Hokkaido Ice Cream from 7-Eleven


It was pretty late at night as I was strolling the streets of Taiwan on the night I arrived, I came across this 7-Eleven that has this ice cream that’s calling out to me.

I haven’t had my dinner and there were no restaurants in sight, I didn’t want to dine at 7-Eleven just yet but a cooling ice cream does seem like an offer that’s too attractive to resist.

This is no ordinary Ice Cream – it even has a dedicated machine for it. What makes it special is that it’s made from milk imported from Hokkaido, Japan.

I got so excited by the creamy look of it that I took a bite or 2 before photographing it!

Unfortunately there’s only the chocolate flavored ones, they ran out of vanilla and it will not be available until much later – how knows when but I did went back to the same shop the following day and I was told it won’t be available for a long time. 🙁

The ice cream was smooth and creamy, one can feel that this isn’t some low-grade ice cream. I can’t match it to any other brand of ice cream though but for 35 NT it’s well worth it!

😀 If you’re in Taiwan, you might have a chance to savor this Ice Cream. It’s not available on all 7-Eleven stores so you might have to do a bit of hunting.

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