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Taiwan Adventures - In Room Dining at Evergreen Laurel

Taiwan Adventures – In Room Dining at Evergreen Laurel

Not exactly the kind of guy who is into In-Room dining, I had contemplated over ordering before but never got myself to do so. Sure, I once was tempted by Holiday Inn Bangkok’s wealth of offerings available even in the wee hours of the night but late night dining doesn’t seem like a good idea. […]

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Storage by Terence Conran – Book Review

Storage space is a crucial factor for every home while the emphasis varies from one to another. A book entitled, Storage (2009) by Terence Conran touches a niche aspect of our lives which many of us took for granted. Image from

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A Road to Discovery: Edible Water Bubble/Bottle – How To Ideas

You know those moments when you’ve an encounter with something in which you couldn’t quite make up what is it. Well, I’ve got mine back in 2009 as its essence still lingers in my palate till today – Xenri‘s Special Home-Made Sunny Side Up, one of the MIGF 2009 menu.

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5-Course Set at Watami (Non-Halal)

Watami introduced a 5-course set for 2 persons just recently so we decided to give it a try.

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Ideas of Growing Food in Containers – Food Growing Tips #5

The idea of growing your own food is a fascination to some while a need for others but not everyone has the privilege of space in their homes. Alternatively the idea of container gardening made headway into these homes, offering a practical and effective solution. Image from Van Cotthem The video below explores the […]

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Food on the Table – App Review

The app doesn’t bring food to the table but helps you bring food to the table, not physically of course.

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An À la Carte Lunch at Beast, the Intermark KL – Event Venues

Within the Intermark lies a fancy restaurant under the Big Group, Beast. The ‘Beast’ signage does struck a chord of the logo from the movie Burlesques. Now don’t jump the gun expecting decorative of the place associated with the patterns of the nature’s beasts or is it sexy in style.

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Taiwan Adventures - Exploring Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

Taiwan Adventures – Random Bites at Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

In last week’s article I highlighted the Shilin Night Market, it was a nice place for street food and in this article I will highlight what I really liked and what I didn’t like. 😀

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Malaysians’ Purchasing Power and the Impeding Problem of Poverty – Food Issue

“The cost of living in Malaysia has increased significantly in recent years, which has led the population to tighten its belt. While low-income families receive support through different welfare programs and highly-paid professionals benefit from a reduced income tax, it is the middle class that struggles the most.” [More] Image from Facebook.

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Sourcing for Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Food & Beverage (B2B) Adventure

When you’re at the eateries such as food courts, do you notice those huge cooking equipment? Ever wondered where do they acquire those kitchen equipment from? To answer that, I went around to see what is available in town.

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