5-Course Set at Watami (Non-Halal)


Watami introduced a 5-course set for 2 persons just recently so we decided to give it a try.

Here’s the link to Watami’s 5-course menu image.

For Appetizers (Section A) we ordered Watami Salad (half) which is a rich mixture of mix vegetable, chicken, seafood and tuna mayo.

5-Course Set at Watami

Ebi Tempura Roll Sushi was our choice for Section B which is Sashimi & Sushi.

5-Course Set at Watami

Section C is for Skewer & Hot Plates, our choice of Kushiyaki Moriawase (assorted skewer) was delightful as the range of skewers were delicious.

5-Course Set at Watami

For Section D, Ishiyaki Salmon & Tobikko Gohan (Salmon & Flying Fish Roe Rice in Stone Pot) – beautiful in presentation and awesome to the taste.

5-Course Set at Watami

Love the earthy aroma from the pepper spread, along with the salmon and fish roe in the mix of hot rice.

5-Course Set at Watami

And lastly for desserts, we took Jikasei Milk Pudding (Homemade milk pudding) and Vanilla ice cream.

5-Course Set at Watami

The bill come sto about RM 80 after tax. 🙂 The amount of food that came along could satisfy 3 or even 4 persons if they’re not the type that eat a lot.

Great stuff!

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