A Road to Discovery: Edible Water Bubble/Bottle – How To Ideas


You know those moments when you’ve an encounter with something in which you couldn’t quite make up what is it. Well, I’ve got mine back in 2009 as its essence still lingers in my palate till today – Xenri‘s Special Home-Made Sunny Side Up, one of the MIGF 2009 menu.


Concealing itself in an ordinary perfect sunny side up egg presentation, the burst yolk exuberate with smooth crème made of peach and a mild bite of brandy while the egg white is of the Italian white pudding recipe with dashes of crushed sesame seed and black honey syrup to complete the dish. Voilà, it’s one heck of a master of disguise!

Back then it had pulled me off with a surprise, a whole new level of experience in my taste buds. Though it was just a brief moment together but it got me zest up with wonders – ‘how did they do it?’. With that it sets me to a road of uncharted territory.

Years went by quickly until a fateful day cameby, it has found its way to me, clearing my wonders away as I was gliding along the topic of molecular gastronomy.

Much to my delight, I may have found my answer to the unknown essence which is locked up deep within my memory bank.

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