Cut The Rope 2 – Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure – App Review


If you played the original Cut The Rope before then the game requires no introduction, if you haven’t ………. WHY HAVEN’T YOU!!!!!?!? 😀


The game is about a little creature named Om Nom, he (or it) loves candies!


Unlike the previous game where each level is a box, this new one goes with a trail much like what you see on Candy Crush (oh that horrible game).


Each level requires you to get the candy to Om Nom, go for the straight forward path and just score 1 star or go the elaborate path that pushes your intelligence to the limits as you logic with physics – rope cutting, air blowing, balloon popping and more.

This time around, On Nom has other “Nommies” around to help out in the game.


What the game does even more differently this time is that you are now able to customize Om Nom. It doesn’t make him any more special or useful as what he is right now but it’s a welcome feature.





The game is available on Google Play (FREE) and App Store (PAY).

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