Pacific West Fish & Chips


If you’re a regular when it comes to browsing food sections of grocery stores, you’ll definitely be familiar with the name PacifiC West. With us today is their Fish & Chip pack that was used in our Tefal Actifry Snacking review.


One might question how good could a frozen Fish & Chip be? I must say they’re pretty good, I know I’ve come across horrible frozen food but take it from me, PacifiC West’s Fish & Chips is something you could look forward to.

Out of the box, it comes with 2 fish fillet and a packet of chips (aka french fries). What impressed me is the amount of chips they included as part of the package and they taste pretty good too.


We made the fish & chips above using the air frying method and it turned out very well, tastes better than some fish & chips sold at hawker centers.

Pacific West’s Fish & Chips 615g pack is available at hypermarkets like TESCO for RM 12.99.

Head over to Pacific West’s official website to get to know more of them and the products they carry.

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