Taiwan Adventures – Bacon-licious Burger King (Non-Halal)


This was my last meal in Taiwan but it’s certainly not the last of the series. You might be asking – fast food again? Well, what can I do when I have an earlier flight and the hotel’s breakfast line isn’t open yet? 🙂

Taiwan Adventures - Bacon-licious Burger King

Anyway, travelling isn’t always about street food. It’s about getting to know the other food that’s available, so with my final 200 NT left at hand, I decided to give that 190 NT Burger King Stacker – Triple a shot.

Taiwan Adventures - Bacon-licious Burger King

I was totally taken by surprise, the burger wasn’t monstrous or anything but it was amazingly beautiful. I just can’t believe that the best tasting burger I’ve ever had in my life comes from a fast food chain in Taiwan.

Taiwan Adventures - Bacon-licious Burger King

Yup, not a single burger I had in Malaysia comes close to the satisfaction of this. 3 layers of juicy beef, tender and juicy with all the beefy aroma and in between them are generous amounts of cheese and to top it all off – the sheer amount of bacon that are tender, fresh and above all – tantalizing to the core, and topped with some BBQ sauce.

Taiwan Adventures - Bacon-licious Burger King

The bacon alone puts burgers like those from T.G.I. Fridays and Chili’s to shame, often comes with only 2 strips of bacon in X formation and more often than not, dry and tough. Even the best gourmet burgers in KL doesn’t come close to giving me the experience of the BK Stacker Triple, simply superb that it’s actually beyond my vocabulary and language capacity to praise it enough.

🙂 Suffice to say, the BK Stacker Triple ended my trip with an awesome bacon-bang!

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Lexiegirl (22 Jan 2015): You should try their BK if you’re at Taiwan. The burger’s quality, the size, the cheese and the meat portion are way more generous than the products of the outlets in Malaysia. Besides that, you get plenty of pork bacon to feast to your heart’s content. The fries are better in quality. It’s not your ordinary potato, it taste similar to sweet potato. You’ll realize that you get your money’s worth with this satisfying meal and how much you’ve been short-changed in Malaysia. It’s a true story.

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