The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf introduces the Blue Tiger Tea


Just earlier today The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® (CB&TL, we usually call them “Coffee Bean”) introduced the Blue Tiger Tea which is a limited edition rare blend variant into its line of exquisite tea products.


Launched together with the Blue Tiger Blend is a children’s storybook titled Master Davey and The Magic Tea House: Legend of the Blue Tiger – both the tea and book were created by Mr David De Candia, one of the world’s leading tea experts and Director of Tea, Buyer, Master Blender at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, with the sole purpose of raising awareness and support for Lupus. In Malaysia, the proceeds raised will be contributed towards supporting the Malaysian Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Association (PSLEM).


The sessions started off with David sharing about tea.


The crowd paid great attention as David shares his thoughts, from preparation to appreciation.


5 CBTL tea samples were prepared for us to sample, not just the taste but also the texture and aroma.


After the sharing, there was also a hands-on Tea Blending where we were provided a tiny glass jar to make our own combo. Without guidance, I think most of us would’ve gone with Professor X’s – sugar, spice and everything nice with chemical X combo but this is not with tea. According to David, keep it to a combo of 3 would be good, and we ought to know which ingredient mixes well with which type of tea.

I haven’t savored my tea blend combo but judging by the smell – I’m not sure if it’ll be a pleasant experience. 😛


In any case, you don’t have to mix your own tea – just get your masterfully crafted blend at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


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  1. It was such a wonderful experience collaborating with David de Candia on Master Davey and the Magic Tea House book. And I am thrilled to see the sale of the book and Blue Tiger Tea contribute to such an important cause! This project was transformational for me as part of the writing process I got to learn so much from David DeCandia about tea and actually pick tea in the fields of Nor Elyia in Sri Lanka along side tea pickers! I am so proud of the work David is doing around the world with Master Davey and the Magic Tea House! Thanks for the great work you are doing in CBTL Malaysia!
    Best regards,
    Susan Chodakiewitz

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