Korean Yummy Recipes – App Review


With the popularity of Korean entertainment and products, it’s not surprising to see the wide acceptance of Korean food as well, even when it comes to apps.


As with almost any other app, this Korean Yummy Recipes app starts with a category list of food, ironically the first dish is named “Chinese” when it’s an app for Korean stuff.


This is followed by a list of dishes.


Then of course, the dish itself. It’s so straight forward that we could’ve just ended this article with 1 photo and a link to it. 😀


The “+” signs on the ingredient list above are for you to click to add to shopping list.


The app gives recommendation of other recipe at the end of the recipe you’re viewing.


The app is available for free at Google Play, it’s a pretty nicely done app that not just great for budding chefs getting their feet wet in Korean nom noms but it’s also great for those who just want to get to know more about Korean nom noms.


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