Strange Findings in Ramly Beef Burger Patty


It is a common knowledge that Malaysians love Ramly burgers sold by the roadside, but one does beg to question whether anyone has ever wondered what are the contents of the beef patty. It might seem like a silly question but what I found in the beef patty made me question the quality, so perhaps you would too.

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Do you see the white coloured elements on the dissected pieces beef patty? Those elements are semi-hard and texture felt like it was bone cartilage.


This is not the first time I noticed it either but one probably would not be aware of it once the beef patty is cook.


Quick Info: Each packet of Ramly burger patty comes with 6 patties weighing 70 grams each, they are available at RM8.99 per packet at Tesco Malaysia online.

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Moving on with the said matter, a read at the label says – the ingredients for patty are beef meat, soya protein, spices and salt, contains flavouring, colouring and permitted food conditioner. This made me ponder even further, what could those white elements in the beef patty be?

One couldn’t help but wonder whether this is one of the reasons why Singapore has banned Ramly‘s beef and chicken patties product. It is claimed that Ramly’s sources its beef from India, a source that is not approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore‚Äôs (AVA).

With the news highlighted and our observation, it is no surprise the quality of Ramly burger products would have raised some eyebrows. Perhaps making our own beef patty or acquiring patties from reputable vendors would be better.

It is a sad fact that food served these days are more money oriented than quality oriented. We can no longer be care-free of what we eat, lest we pay a high price for our health.

It is good practice to find out the details of what we consume, for example what are the contents and where are they sourced from, perhaps even how were they made and whether the ethical procedures were adhered to during processing.

So whenever you see a favourite food of yours, don’t just jump at it with a big gulp and forget about everything else but instead take some time to check on its background. Tell me, have you noticed the white elements in your Ramly burger patty as well?

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  1. So what is that white stuff? Is it like a reader’s suspense hanging on self revelation like a Scorsese Movie?
    I do understand the quality being bad, but more details would be appreciated, rather than banking the hopes on Singapore’s decission.
    anyways thanks for the headsup.

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