Taiwan Adventures – In-Flight Dining with EVA Air


The sight of the lovely blue gradient sky and how the cotton candy clouds move along just gives one a sense of serenity, however the serenity is often broken once the tummy’s marching band gets pumping!

Taiwan Adventures – In Flight Dining with EVA Air

Fortunately, long haul flights often come with food. Some are great, some are bad. Does EVA Air’s in-flight food satisfy the marching band?

On my flight to Taiwan, I chose chicken and to my surprise it was pretty tasty, lightly grilled chicken with brown sauce. It was accompanied with a host of vegetables, fruits, a bun and desserts.

Taiwan Adventures – In Flight Dining with EVA Air

On my return flight from Taiwan, I went for lamb – it was lovely as well, as seen in the picture. It comes with rice too. 😀

Taiwan Adventures – In Flight Dining with EVA Air

And so my in-house marching band was satisfied on both my flights to and from Taiwan. I can’t say the same for what I had on some other flights but one thing’s for sure, in-flight dining is fun.

As what Forrest Gump said – My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, in this case it’s in-flight dining. 😀

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