An Evening at Postcode, Jaya One


And so my meeting ended late on a weekday and I decided to explore Jaya One for some stomach fillers, I came across this shop called Postcode and decided to give it a shot.

An Evening at Postcode, Jaya One

What attracted me was the very “local” looking facade. I love how they placed that bicycle and old school post box.

An Evening at Postcode, Jaya One

On the inside, the place can be best described as an upper class coffee shop.

An Evening at Postcode, Jaya One

OK now – food, was it good? I ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop. Chicken again? Yes of course! Chicken is the most basic of meat and it’s a good way to gauge the competency of a restaurant.

An Evening at Postcode, Jaya One

The Hainanese Chicken Chop costs a whopping RM 14.90 and it wasn’t great, I find it below average at best when it comes to taste. Couple that with the price, it wasn’t worth what I paid. The gravy doesn’t taste good (pretty much like tomato sauce) while the chicken was fried with very common batter, it wasn’t bad tasting but it’s just not memorable.

In comparison, the chicken chop at Tappers costs less but tastes many times better, same goes to the one at Yut Kee. 1-Stop‘s chicken chop, though not Hainanese Style, tastes a whole lot better at a few RM cheaper too.

In short, Postcode was disappointing. It seems than many on foursquare echoes my sentiment.

The place looks cozy, and I think it might be a good place for people to hangout and grab some drinks while having a discussion but I guess the experience explains the lack of crowd during dinner.

For more details of this place, check out their Facebook page.

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