Binge Eating, an Eating Disorder – Health Issue


Eating disorder is real as it comes in different form of afflictions to the well being – (a) Aneroxia Nervosa – the fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, (b) Bulimia Nervosa – the act of binge eating then self induced purging or vomiting, and (c) Binge eating – eating until uncomfortably full in one sitting.


If you care to know more about ‘binge eating’ – “it is characterized by compulsive overeating in which people consume huge amounts of food while feeling out of control and powerless to stop on a regular basis.” Food is used to cope with stress and other negative emotions. Seen as a vicious cycle, it tends to leave one feeling even worse later on.

Learn more of the disorder from a few references:

Here’s a video that shares stories of those battling the disorder in other parts of the world.

A highlight from the video: Jane begins by telling us how her own struggle with binge eating disorder, “it started very slowly at first and I don’t even think I realized what the problem was originally”.

There are recommendations by others on how to handle the disorder.

A highlight from the video: here’s a checklist of symptoms to determine if you’re suffering from ‘binge eating’ disorder:
1) Do you feel under control or unable to stop when you’re eating?
2) Do you think food all the time?
3) Do you force yourself to eat even when you are full and feel sick afterwards?
4) Do you stock up food and eat in secret?
5) Do you eat to escape from worries, stress or to comfort yourself?
6) Do you eat continuously throughout the day, with no planned mealtimes?
7) Do you feel disgusted, guilty and ashamed of yourself after eating?
8) Are you desperate to take control of your weight and eating habits?

Life is a constant struggle in maintaining the balance. Doing things without moderation can be detrimental to our well being, thus leading our lives into a downhill slope to a state of self destruction and for some, it’s a point of no return. Therefore having the awareness of the disorder is important. appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others in the world of culinary. Therefore we wish to emphasize that many of the contents seen in our articles are sourced from the World Wide Web for the purpose of creating awareness only. Kudos to those who put so much effort to produce such wonderful contents. Thank you.

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