Pastry Recipes – App Review


The Pastry Recipes seems to be a great place to check out new ideas for of which the app really does so, unfortunately it’s far from being perfect.


The app looks promising, with the front page showing daily recipes which I think is a good way to entice users to revisit the app.


Daily recipes aside, the app shows the recipes with the tried and tested formula but having them in categories.


The first flaw in this app is that recipes are shown in the text when a picture would be much more useful. To make things worse, the recipes are not listed in alphabetical order.


As if that wasn’t bad enough the app is laden with ads. It’s not just one but more often than not there are no less than 2 on each screen, along with the occasional pop up ad that fills the screen.


On the plus side, the app does show great detail when it comes to the recipes ….

…. But unfortunately there are times when the app is broken.


There’s also the video recipes too but they’re basically just hijacked contents from YouTube.


Overall the app is a good reference as long as you don’t mind the annoying ads and occasional breakdown.

The app is available at Google Play for free.

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