Serimuka Malay Cuisine @ Food Republic, 1 Utama


It was late in the evening, I was hungry and having trouble deciding where to dine despite the abundance of choice. It was my last stop at Food Republic that I chanced upon what seems to be a spread of Malay food that struck my fancy.

Serimuka Malay Cuisine @ Food Republic, 1 Utama

I was brought to memory what I wrote recently about some expensive Malay food at Pavillion KL’s Food Republic so I decided to let this be a comparison, or at least try to match it up.

Serimuka Malay Cuisine @ Food Republic, 1 Utama

Here’s the price list, strangely eggs aren’t listed there.

Serimuka Malay Cuisine @ Food Republic, 1 Utama

My meal comes to RM 16.90
– RM 2.90 for the nasi lemak
– RM 9 for 2 pieces of chicken
– RM 2 for vegetable
– RM 3 for nasi lemak

Serimuka Malay Cuisine @ Food Republic, 1 Utama

Awkwardly it seems that they didn’t charge me at all for the 2 fried eggs I ordered. The fried eggs are not listed on the price list either. 🙂

What I also didn’t know was that along with the nasi lemak comes sliced cucumber and a sliced hard boiled egg.

In comparison, the rice was good and the sambal was delicious. The vegetable was alright but the chicken was on the tough side, looks like it was fried a little too long.

I think if paru-paru was on the spread and the eggs were accounted for, the bill would reach the RM 24 range as the other food court! Quality wise, I think I have to hand it over to the other restaurant.

Know any value-for-money Malay food? Do share! It’s obvious I haven’t found a restaurant that doesn’t harm my wallet. 😛


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