‘100 Best Foods for Pregnancy’ by Charlotte Watts – Book Review


When you’re pregnant, what you eat will affect the growth and the development of your baby. Therefore equipping yourself with practical knowledge on nutrition is a wise move. The book ‘100 Best Foods for Pregnancy‘ by Charlotte Watts may be the right one for your needs as it provides simple guide through foods and diets to achieve the healthiest pregnancy.

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Book Description

What you put on your plate during pregnancy affects you and your baby for years to come. This book explains which foods are the most beneficial to help you focus on a diet rich in the nutrients you and your baby need. The range of foods covered includes fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, and pulses and grains. With facts and figures on the key benefits of 100 nutritious foods, plus 100 delicious recipes – from crisp salads and moreish soups to fruit-packed smoothies and healthy treats – this book will make eating well in pregnancy simple and pleasurable.


It’s no kidding when people say growing a person inside of you is hard work! Pregnancy can be beautiful, but also quite exhausting and taxing on your body. With good nutrition, it will help you to remain fully active during pregnancy, keeping up with your energy level so that you can look after your newborn and having a speedy recovery at post-birth.

It’s a photo filled book with easy to follow explanations on 100 healthiest foods and 100 suggestive recipes to go along.

The content covers (1) fertility and conception, (2) first trimester, (3) second trimester, (4) third trimester, and (5) postnatal nutrition. Each chapter recommends the food best for the each pregnancy stage. For example, in the second trimester – parsley is one of the foods recommended, a brief information on parsley has been outlined, and followed by a suggestive recipe with parsley as the ingredient.

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In a nutshell, the book is a good source of information about food for pregnancy and a perfect cooking reference book for expected mothers.


Charlotte Watts. 100 Best Foods for Pregnancy (UK: Parragon Books Ltd, 2011)

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